Entry Level / Junior QA Engineer (Tester)

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Candidatul ideal

This job is for you if you are passionate about websites that work and look right.
This job is for you if you are looking for a friendly non-corporate environment where you are encouraged to be proactive and can contribute to the group knowledge and skills.

What does that mean:
- you poses a critical eye for design, and want things to look impecable and professional
- you easily understand when things don't work the way they should
- you like to get involved and help improve user experience
- you are friendly and community oriented (towards your colleagues)

Descrierea jobului

As a QA Engineer (Quality Assurance Engineer) you will perform manual, visual and functionality tests, user experience tests and report your findings, in order to help developers build high quality web applications. You will track issues using products like Atlassian Jira or similar.

Required Skills:
- strong critical thinking and attention to detail
- fluent in both spoken and written English
- basic knowledge of frontend technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
- basic knowledge about the major pc/mobile browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE, Samsung Internet etc).
- familiarity with testing tools (BrowserStack, Developer Tools etc.)
- ability to document bug reports and technical issues
- eager to learn and improve your skills

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Do I have to work from the office?
A: Mostly yes.

Q: Can I relocate to Cluj-Napoca for this job and do you help with relocation?
A: It's up to you, but given the current context we do not advise it at this time. No, we do not help with the actual relocation.

Q: Can I work from another city?
A: We rely on you to be active in the office community and interact with your colleagues from the office in order to facilitate knowledge share, therefore this job is not eligible as remote.

Q: Do I need to speak English?
A: Yes, you need to be able to have an acceptable English level for conversations with people from Europe and United States.

Q: What projects will I work on?
A: One of the following: Online shops, Presentation websites, Blogs, Mobile Games, own products and projects.

Q: How many hours a day is the job?
A: The job is 6 hours / day, from Monday to Friday.

Q: Is the schedule flexible?
A: The schedule can be shifted earlier and later in the day, but depending on project meetings and clients you will need to use a computer at certain hours. (e.g. 16:00, 17:00 or 18:00 etc.)

COVID-19 Information
1. You can work from the office respecting the health and security norms.
2. You can temporarily work from home depending on the COVID-19 situation in Cluj-Napoca (updated weekly)
3. You must have a proactive attitude in reporting any COVID-19 associated symptoms prior to arriving at office or as soon as you arrive.

- The recruiting process can take several weeks, after applying your CV will be added to a pool of CVs. Each CV will be placed in different lanes depending on the job-cv match strength.
- The strongest CVs will be processed first and interviews will be held in batches. As an interview batch ends if we do not have a candidate for the offered position, the next CVs will get scheduled for interview in a new batch and so on.
- If a match if found and the role is filled the interviewing process stops, the remaining relevant CVs get archived for a limited period (max. 12 months). If a new relevant position opens up and we still have your CV, we might contact you by email to see if you are interested in the new position.

While trying to reply to as many applicants as possible the volume can exceed our reply capacity.

Descrierea companiei

webwavers is a company focused on user interfaces, web technologies and mobile games. We develop user interfaces for websites through new and legacy technologies based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming languages.

keeping it close - we have a relaxed and welcoming environment where you get to interact and know all your colleagues. We believe in leadership relationships over classic boss/employee approaches. As we move forward we always seek new colleagues which resonate with us and find it easy to blend in and belong.

being proactive - while the lead will have to make choices depending on project constraints, we encourage proactiveness and active participation from each and everyone.

joining the team - if you would like to know more you can contact us at [email protected] or visit our website https://webwavers.co

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