Innovative UI / UX Designer


// Title: "Innovative UI/UX Designer"

// Location: Iasi or Remote

// Level: Expert *****

// Job-Type: Full-time / Part-time / or Project-Based

// Description: We wrote this JOB AD to be blunt.

// Status: Time is money so let's get started!


  • Is your job boring, rigid or lacking innovation?
  • Do you want to see your work implemented and have a direct impact?
  • Do you also believe that design is not just what it looks like and feels like but also how it works?

πŸ‘‡Interested? Let’s continue.

What you'll be doing at cognitiveSEO


A user interface is like a joke; If you have to explain it, it's not that good. So mainly, you need to turn our software into easy-to-use products for our clients.

You, as a creative and enthusiast UI/UX Designer, will join our not-very-large-but-very-cool digital marketing team. You will be responsible for delivering the best online user experience, providing both eye-candy and intuitive application design. You will be designing landing pages, blog images, browser extensions, graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs, forms, widgets, etc ... basically everything design-related that will be needed. 

And if concepts like interaction design, mock-ups, prototypes, or wireframes sound familiar to you and you're not googling them to see what they mean, we're on the good track, so please ;


What we’re looking for


Well … we’re looking for someone who knows that payment is based on results and not the amount of work you put into it. Bassically, we're looking for you, the one applying for this job.

On the β€œhuman” side you should:

  • Show genuine commitment
  • Be flexible
  • Be reliable and responsible
  • Know how to mix creativity with utility
  • Have the ability to discuss and explain your design options
  • Easily communicate with both marketers and programmers
  • Be detail oriented
  • Be a critical thinker
  • KISS - Keep It Stupid Simple
  • Be a problem-solver and customer-centered
  • Don't like to β€œfreci menta”. We admit it …we do it sometimes :| … but not often
  • Keep your team informed
  • Support and respect others

On the technical side you should:

  • At least 3 years of experience as an UI-UX Designer or a similar role
  • Knowledge of Adobe range of products including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Good Experience with HTML & CSS
  • Activate your Get Things Done Designing Skills when things get messy.
  • Don’t call yourself a Photoshop Ninja or Guru.

Here's why the rest of the team members are sticking with us (some for 10 years already)


  • The company culture is really loose and flexible (they can work whatever hours makes them feel most productive, as long as they get the s___t done).
  • The feeling that they're part of a team of nice & smart people. 
  • Money (we need to be honest here; they all like us but they're in for the money) - paid well and on-time.
  • They never get bored as we constantly research & develop new stuff.
  • They don't have to laugh at the boss jokes (at least not all the time). 

What we’re offering you


  • Independence. We hate micromanaging, it's a productivity killer!
  • Flexibility to implement your own ideas.
  • Good money (It’s a competitive industry. You’ll get what you’re worth and if you help us grow you’ll get even more).
  • You’ll understand the full cycle of a tech start-up business (we product/market and sell our products - we don’t outsource).
  • You can come up with product ideas big and small and see them implemented.
  • Access to our latest cutting-edge computers/servers/subscriptions and lots of know-how.
  • Have fun and enjoy the ride together. The destination is the journey.

So, you’re not convinced yet & you want to know more about us…


You'll be joining an expert team of 12 hard-working, fun-loving people who may feel the need to swear or jump as they deliver top-notch work. Our Iasi office is an open and collaborative environment where a good work-life balance is just a part of how we do things. The current team members are both remote and local.

You’ll be working at two projects: cognitiveSEO (an SEO toolset launched in 2011) & BrandMentions (a social listening tool launched inWe are a SaaS and we sell our products on a monthly subscription. We are not in a RAT-RACE for authority or fake appreciation but we are striving to solve real people's problems with our solutions.

We are also part of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50ith with an Astonishing 419% Growth.

You can take the tools for a spin to check them out or you can come to meet us in person and tell you more about how cool we are. :)


PS: If you are still reading this and you think we’re a good match, we’re looking forward for your first β€œecho world” message!