Quality Assurance Analyst / Game Tester


• High level of proficiency in English;
• Good knowledge of Windows operating system;
• Good knowledge of Microsoft Office;
• Ability to work in both a team environment and independently;
• Excellent communication skills;
• Attention to details;
• Multitasking skills;
• Ability to work with deadlines;
• Passion for gaming is a plus;
• Previous experience in game testing is a plus;
• Previous experience with databases such as : Bugzilla, Mantis, JIRA, Redmine is a plus;
• Knowledge of test procedures and certifications is an advantage.

Job Description:

Keywords: gaming, manual testing for video-games, daily bug reports.
• Perform testing tasks with limited supervision;
• Report existing bugs or problems;
• Evaluate the functionality on different platforms;
• Verify functionality prior to certification;
• Make a daily report on the project.

Work schedule
We are looking for people that are passionate about testing/video-games to join our team and to contribute to the quality of a video-game release.
Our work schedule is in shifts between Monday to Friday from 06:00 - 14:30 and 14:30 - 23:00.