Ruby on Rails Software Engineer

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Leadfeeder is a fast-growing international SaaS startup, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. We are an international remote team of 80+ members from around the world.

We've developed an online service which automates sales lead generation for B2B companies. Leadfeeder helps over 6000 paying customers to identify who visits their website, qualify the leads based on their behaviour, and convert the most promising visitors into sales leads.

Our 40+ strong in-house, all-remote engineering team is responsible for developing new features, and otherwise improving and maintaining the Leadfeeder product.

We are organised in feature-oriented, cross-functional squads. Each squad is responsible for specific features of the product, and works tightly together with high autonomy. Depending on the product area, squads are comprised of Backend and Frontend Engineers, Designers, and are always paired with a Product Manager. We believe in listening to everyone's ideas and feedback – no matter what your role is, you get to have a say in the product and technical decisions of your squad.

About this job

Ruby on Rails engineers at Leadfeeder work mainly on our backends: building APIs, background data processing flows, and integrations. Being a very data-intensive application, much of the work on the backend involves optimising and effectively using various databases – Cassandra, AWS RDS & Aurora, Elasticsearch and Redis, to name a few.

Our backend consists of multiple small-to-medium-sized Ruby on Rails apps and uses serverless components (AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Kinesis) on the side. We pride ourselves on keeping apps working smoothly, and the codebase tidy and well-tested. We dedicate time for upgrades, refactoring, and overall improvements for developer productivity and happiness.

For people with skills and interest, we offer possibilities to work on our frontend too, enabling people to grow to a fullstack role. Equally, there are opportunities to learn and be involved in infrastructure, DevOps and serverless development.


  • Developing new features together with your squad
  • Build internal and public APIs
  • Build, benchmark and optimise our core backend components
  • Helping operate our production environments on AWS
  • Providing code reviews to your peers


Essentials skills and expertise:

  • 3+ years work experience writing maintainable and well-tested Ruby on Rails apps
  • Knowledge of database technologies (SQL and noSQL)
  • Good teamwork and communication skills
  • Skills and the right mentality for test automation
  • Be physically located in Europe

Preferred experience:

  • Experience working with various APIs
  • DevOps, AWS, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Serverless computing, AWS stack in particular
  • Web Analytics


    • Competitive compensation on a B2B contract (you bill us monthly)
    • Personal budget for home office improvements
    • Monthly financial support for using your own equipment
    • up to 12 paid local bank holidays per year
    • Flexible working hours
    • Weekly yoga / fitness / meditation classes online
    • Mental Health support
    • Co-working space membership support (coming soon)
    • Bi-annual company retreats in sunny locations that we will resume once Corona allows it (in the meantime, we are hosting virtual events)
    • Quarterly online team building activities with your team

Our hiring process:

After we've received and reviewed your application, there are a number of stages in our process:

  • Initial video call. You'll get to learn more about the role and our company, and we'll learn how you communicate and what are you looking for in the job.
  • Technical interview. Qualified candidates proceed to our technical interview, where we ask more in-depth technical questions.
  • Home assignment. We'll test your coding skills in building a small application. You can do this at home on your own time. The assignments usually take about 4-6 hours to complete.
  • Assignment review and skills interview. After our team has reviewed your assignment, we invite you to the next interview. We'll provide feedback and ask questions about your code. This interview also includes some pair-programming, where we do some improvements or additional features to your project.
  • Culture interview. The final step before decisions. Great cultural fit is highly important in our remote team. We also want to give you as much as possible information on how it is to work at Leadfeeder and what our culture is like.
  • All interviews are done remotely over video calls.

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