Social Media & Influence Marketer PAID ADVERTISING

Salar net
2500 RON

Candidatul ideal

We are looking for an expert in Social Engineering — someone who will know how to network their way up to the top of the Business Leadership and Remote Work influencer chain and set up reciprocal media appearance relationships, helping our leadership team to be featured on the most widely-distributed podcasts, YouTube channels and other relevant media channels.
Are you the kind of person who cooks up crazy schemes to catch someone else’s attention? Do you salivate at the prospect of spending half your day researching pieces of media and then going on twitter to dazzle whole niches with your subject matter knowledge and wit? Were you the most popular guy / girl / anthropomorphic lagomorph in ALL the online forums you ever frequented?
The ideal candidate for this job will have the perfect mix of creativity, social skills, and plain stick-to-it-ness (a.k.a: dogged perseverance). People ask our Director of Marketing how he managed to become a best-selling author; he often answers that the main reason was that he was too dumb to know when to quit. We are looking for that same kind of dumb!

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What You Will Be Doing:

Converting one of our pieces of content daily into a Twitter thread and generating a conversation around it;
Finding all the relevant daily news about full-time work, and generating conversations around them and with the involved parties;
Promoting our new pieces of content across all social networks;
Creating and interacting daily on full-time-work related LinkedIn & Facebook groups;
Reaching out to influencers and trend-setters with 10K+ audience in the Business & full-time Work niches and securing their participation in our Blog and Podcast;
Reaching out to platforms with 10K+ audience in the Business & full-time Work niches and securing media appearances/featured content for our leadership team ( we expect a minimum of 3 interviews / guest posts per week).
Maintaining consistent contact and building a relationship with our network of 100+ previous podcast guests and guest post contributors, securing reciprocal relationships with a monthly impact.

Your Skillset:
Top-tier English; you don’t need to be a native speaker, but you need to fool us into thinking you are (at least with your writing; accents are fine).

Dazzling writing skills. Yes - dazzle us.
At least 3 years of Social Media managing experience: you should know your way around basic tools (Hootsuite, Buffer, Edgar, etc — We use Buffer) and how to build reports.
Studious. If you don’t enjoy consuming articles and videos every day and becoming a subject matter expert, you are not the droid we are looking for.
Social and digitally gregarious. If you don’t want / aren’t good at developing relationships online, you are going to have a bad time.
Data-centered. We need someone who knows their way around a spreadsheet, who is serious about tracking progress towards goals and showcasing monthly or bi-weekly reports.
Basic media creation: we don’t expect you to be Digital Van Gogh but you should be able to produce simple Social Media creatives, do basic video/audio clip editing, etc.
Why Should You Care:
Full-time full-time work. Coronavirus? Zombie Apocalypse? Alien Invasion? METEOR IMPACT? Whatever 2020 may have in the cards for us — you’ll have a job.

Work with an eclectic cast of characters that have achieved remarkable things in wacky fields - from SEO experts to dental surgeons-turned-bestselling-authors. Yes.

The chance to build a network in the full-time Work niches and become a king-maker in the influence marketing space.
Alright. That’s it. What are you waiting for? Don’t wait. The zombies are NOT coming. Apply NOW!

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Actually, the whole company is like this, not just the marketing team. Come in — you’ll have fun.
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